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Normal Ave QuaranStream:  Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? 

by Harron Atkins

dir by Jeremy Landes

Featuring Justin Sams, Jeorge Bennett Watson, and Starr Kirkland

RULE OF 7x7: 13MAR2020 1930EST USA(NY,NJ,GA)

Created through Rule of 7x7 Social Distance Edition. This is a recording of the live performance on March 29, 2020 over Zoom.
Written & directed by Alton Alburo

Starring Brendan Germain , Matthew Bovee , Jose Useche, and Starr Kirkland

Music by baby chemist

The Cotillion

An excerpt from "The Harriet Holland Social Club Presents the 84th Annual Star-Burst Cotillion in the Grand Ballroom of the Renaissance Hotel"

by Colette Robert, music and lyrics by Dionne McClain-Freeney

presented byThe Movement Theatre Company & New Georges. (Though the May workshop has been cancelled, a world premiere is still planned for October.)

The Playground Experiment Virtual Volume 138:  An excerpt from "Agriculture" by Ruthie Rado

The Playground Experiment Virtual Volume 121:  An excerpt from "Settle Down, or Almost Sitcom Star" by Kendra Augustin

The Playground Experiment Virtual Volume 119:  An excerpt from "Pot Odds" by Gabrielle Wagner

The PGE Faces of America Monologue Festival #2:  Reparation Day by Eric Jones

You can purchase The PGE Faces of America Monologue Festival Anthology #2 HERE, a portion of every purchase benefits Black Lives Matter. 

Here in the center of the pandemic in NYC, artists were hit immediately.  Most of the gorgeous work this year has been postponed, or more often cancelled completely (along with a lot of our other careers, day jobs, gigs, and 9-5s). There are so many levels to what is going on mentally, physically, emotionally, and individually.  As a community, it has truly been difficult, and there are difficult days ahead, but artist have a way of reflecting the times while also providing light and hope.  It's not easy and it's not the same, but the theatre community has sprouted up with innovative ways to move theatre online, exposing that we can thoughtfully make theatre more accessible, and how vital art is to survival and community.  The creativity and heart of the artist is bright and pulsing, and I am so grateful and proud to be a part of this big theatre family. 


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